Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Snapshot! - Trouble on the Frontier

Today's Snapshot! feature comes to us courtesy of friend and fellow blogger Foxxfur from Passport to Dreams Old and New.

I spend too much time looking at details at Disney parks, and if you doubt me, you should see that one time I wrote about those weird fake skylights but that’s a story for another day. Still, you’d think that of all those years of staring down lighting fixtures (the moment I realized that the Keel Boats and the 20K queues shared the same lamp design was a highlight), you’d think I’d bother to actually look at the entrance gate to Frontierland. Nope. One log stockade is more or less like another, right?

No! Look closely! What’s that up top?

Well I’ll be! Looks like there’s gonna be some shootin’ here sometime soon!

This really blew my mind when I first saw it. Is this really just because the shooting gallery is nearby? Perhaps its’ a dry run for Fort Sam Clemens on Tom Sawyer Island? Perhaps a lone holdout pioneer, determined to stop those crazy saloon girls from crossing the Little Mississippi (the tiny creek that flows under the Frontierland-Liberty Square bridge)? The possibilities are endless!

My theory? I like to think its Lee Van Cleef.

…Ok, maybe that was too silly


Anonymous said...

Just a guess but it could be left over from when they had a gunfight show on the roof tops. I kind of remember that about 10 years ago there was a show periodically with gunfighters falling off the roofs after being "shot". Or maybe it was just the summer heat that was messing with my eyesight!

- Gloria

Unknown said...

Or maybe it is people holed up defending their Disney Dining Plan reservations.

Anonymous said...

How old were those shots taken? I don't recall ever going to Disneyland's Mark Twain Island, but in WDW's MK, they still had the rifles in the windows of the fort as of 1984.

Jessica said...

Gloria, I remember that old stunt show as well. Even have a photo or two of it. It was a great unexpected little surprise, but I guess it got so busy back there that it would create too much of a bottleneck effect.