Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Johnny Tremain - 1957

Fifty years ago this summer, the feature film Johnny Tremain arrived in theaters. It was a well-received adaptation of the classic children's novel by Esther Forbes, and its young stars, Hal Stalmaster and Luana Patten graced the cover of the June 1957 issue of Walt Disney's Magazine.


Anonymous said...

This movie is available on DVD, I will have to pick it up. I did not realize that Walt Disney had a magazine back then. Any idea when it started Jeff?

Paul B.
pbousquet at gmail dot com

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Hi Paul--

The magazine was originally called Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine and was published during the production of the original MMC beginning in 1955. After eight issues is was then simply called Walt Disney's Magazine, although the content essentially remained unchanged. It was produced totally in house at Disney's Burbank studio, and used the talents of many of the studio's writers and artists.

It ran a total of 22 issues.

Anonymous said...

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Leslie F.

Anonymous said...

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