Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snapshot! - Paper Just a Little Extra

The Anandapur area of Disney's Animal Kingdom literally overflows with details. The Ekis Hotel offers all the amenities of a luxurious upscale Asian resort. Paper just a little extra.


Chris said...

I love the detail. That is the best part of a Disney Park.

Maz said...

Whenever I get the usual why do you go to WDW so often question, this is one of the main reasons. You can discover dozens of new details like this sign every time you go to the parks. Our last trip was the frist time we noticed the blackboard getting off of the Jungle Cruise announcing missing Skippers and boats.
"Ilene Dover", "Emma Boylen", "Run Aground Sue"
It's all in the details.

allyn fratkin said...

each phrase is a different color. the sign actually says "matress and toilet paper just a little extra".

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I was thrown off due to the plate/tray that slightly obscured the second line.