Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Addressing Some Frontierland Crates

Imaginneers just love getting clever with crates.

We just recently addressed some of the crates in the Jungle Cruise dock area here at 2719. Fellow Disney blogger Jessica at If You Can Dream It . . . recently deciphered a number of movie-related crates located near Echo Lake in Disney-MGM Studios. Today we head over to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and look into a few "crate mysteries" in Frontierland.

The crates in question are located near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the dock to Tom Sawyer Island. And literature seems to be the common theme shared by all three of them.

Two bear direct connections to nearby Tom Sawyer Island. S. L. Clemmons' Hannibal, Missouri address is authentic. 208 Hill Street is location of Mark Twain's boyhood home.

The crate addressed to Dr. Robinson of St. Petersburg, Missouri is a direct reference to a character in Twain's novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck Finn witness the murder of Robinson at the hands of Injun Joe in one of the story's memorable scenes.

Henry's Horseshoes is possibly a reference to another American writer, Newberry Award winner Marguerite Henry, whose many horse-themed children's novels are frequently referred to as the "horseshoes." Among her more famous books were Misty of Chincoteague, Brighty of the Grand Canyon, and Justin Morgan Had a Horse. Disney produced the movie version of Justin Morgan Had a Horse in 1972.