Friday, July 06, 2007

Snapshot! - A Classical Par 3

Miniature golf and classical music--who da thought? Some very clever Imagineers no doubt.

The 18th hole at the Fantasia Gardens at Walt Disney World brings to life the Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence from the classic 1940 motion picture. Duffers beware! Those buckets are armed and dangerous. But even the most novice golfer should be able to sink their putt.


Anonymous said...

There's a tiny, well-hidden trip on the walkway around that corner with the's great fun to just hang around and watch people walk past it as they look up at the buckets...and get splashed! (OK, I obviously had to experience it a few times to figure it out for myself.)

Anonymous said...

We had quite a bit of fun @ the gardens this last may. its showing a little wear, but they're working on it (the 3 Pastoral holes were down for maintenance, but its expected that when those finish they'll clean up some of the clogged pipes in the mickey section - one water-based obstacle was barely working).

we even had a spectator on the sidelines (a real rabbit) at one hole. :)