Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snapshot '73: Early River Life

The Walt Disney World Frontierland of 1973 does in many ways resemble a wild and largely uninhabited wilderness.  This particular snapshot showcases a view looking across the Rivers of America. Barricades can be seen in the distance, though predating any Big Thunder Mountain construction by a number of years.  Tom Sawyer Island, at the photo's right edge, was then a newly opened attraction.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snapshot '73: Topiary Lane

Wow, it's certainly been a while.

Life took some twists and turns over the past few years and 2719 Hyperion, out of necessity, had to move to the periphery.  Not that this is a return to full-time daily-post blogging; I'm not feeling quite that ambitious as yet.  But I have stumbled across some items of interest and I thought I would share.

First up: a good friend recently discovered some vintage Walt Disney World photographs that her father snapped in 1973.  She found it funny that the photos were by and large scenery set pieces and expository shots, devoid of posturing family members.  After catching my breath, I politely begged her to share with me whatever she could.  She graciously complied.  Hence, my return to Disney blogging and the birth of the new Snapshot '73 series of posts.

Topiary Lane still exists as a small byway just east of the Ticket and Transportation Center, but the majority of the hedge creatures that were present there in 1973 have long since migrated to other pastures.  The topiaries were early eye candy that entertained guests on their tram rides from the parking lot to the TTC.

 This Monorail-view shot provides a better location perspective.