Monday, July 23, 2007

Freeze Frame! - Rollercoaster Rabbit

The Roger Rabbit 1990 cartoon Rollercoaster Rabbit is classic on many levels, not least of which are a number of moments truly worthy of Freeze Frame status. Within seconds of the short's beginning, there are homages in the form of sideshow attraction posters to two Disney animated classics. While The Little Mermaid reference is pretty direct, the "wooden boy" reference to Pinocchio is not quite as obvious.Moments later, one of Disney's earliest supporting cartoon players makes a quick cameo appearance. Clarabelle Cow is cast as the carnival's resident psychic.

Finally, the cartoon's most clever inside joke is likely the moment when it's makers slyly pointed out their own home turf. When Roger and Baby Herman make their extremely exaggerated descent from the coaster's highest drop, they're heading straight back to central Florida and Disney-MGM Studios, where Rollercoaster Rabbit was created and produced.

Images © Walt Disney Company


Matt said...

I can't help but think whenever I read any of your posts Jeff "Did Jeff think of this? Or was it Cody?".

I love these subtle references, thanks Jeff.

Lou Mongello - said...

Somebody's been watching those scenes with Jessica Rabbit WAY too closely!! LOL

This is a great catch, Jeff! I never would have seen these and love these little hidden tributes to characters and films from Disney's past.

Hey... that sounds like a great idea for a podcast segment.... ;)

Unknown said...

Is that green state to the left of Mississippi really named after LOU?

Wow...he more famous than any of us thought!

Mooch said...

It looks like Atlanta is burning in that picture...Isn't that from Gone With The Wind?

Rae! said...

Yes this is a neat approach to the movie.Amazing what you see when you freeze frame it.Very cool!!!I have one of those stamps of Walt that is on your header on your main page. :)