Friday, January 09, 2009

Pana-Vue Slide: The Mickey Mouse Revue

Pana-Vue Slides were among Walt Disney World's more popular souvenirs during its first decade or so of operation. A good friend recently discovered quite a few sets buried in a corner of his basement and generously passed them on. Beyond their very cool vintage pedigrees, the various sets offer rare glimpses of bygone attractions and park landscapes.

From the Fantasyland set, slide WDW-411A gives us a glimpse of the Mickey Mouse Revue, the audio-animatronic show that was ultimately transplanted to Tokyo in the early 1980s.


Anonymous said...

It's very sad that Tokyo decided to close the Mickey Mouse Revue. I loved that attraction.

Anonymous said...

I watched it on Youtube it was cute but not endearing in any way. I can see how it outlived it's life in Magic Kingdom. I love Philharmagic that is there now though!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I got to see The Mickey Mouse Revue for myself when I went out to Tokyo Disney last year. And I enjoyed seeing this nice little slice of Disney theme park history.

While I can agree that it's sad that the MMR is going to be leaving Tokyo Disneyland for good (and thus vanish altogether), I also can agree that there were some aspects of the attraction that were dated (for instnace: the pre-show movie with its trippy 1970s-style music and lack of updates and the Disney character AA figures in the show looking off-model).

At least MMR is being replaced by a clone of Mickey's PhilharMagic rather than by something totally different. MMR and PhilharMagic are similar to each other in a number of respects anyway. And I do enjoy PhilharMagic.

Maybe they'll update the MMR and ship it to the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland park. Who knows... ?