Sunday, January 04, 2009

Freeze Frame! - Daisy's Favorite Spot

Daisy Duck has always been portrayed as a bit of a free spirit when it comes to romance. And according to the 1954 Donald Duck cartoon Donald's Diary, she dated quite a few Disney Studio employees. In one of the short's funnier moments, Donald carves his and Daisy's names in a tree at a location the narrator identifies as "Daisy's Favorite Spot." The back of the tree reveals why.

Though only first names are carved onto the tree, they likely refer to the following studio employees:

Al - storyman Al Bertino
Dan - effects animator Dan MacManus
Sib - animator John Sibley
Nick - storyman Nick George
Hugh - layout artist Hugh Hennesy
Ed - animator Ed Ardal or composer Edward Plumb
Harry - animator Harry Holt
Jack - director Jack Kinney
Bruce - layout artist Bruce Bushman
X - then artist and animator X. Atencio
Fred - Possibly animator Fred Moore, though Donald's Diary was made two years after his death in 1952

The cartoon features one other notable Freeze Frame! moment. When Donald and Daisy go to see a drive-in movie, they can be seen viewing the Pecos Bill segment from Melody Time.

Images © Walt Disney Company


Anonymous said...

Great post.

I always thought that it was "Pecos Bill" that was playing at the drive-in theater in "Donald's Diary".

And I also always thought that the names carved on the tree were references to Disney studio staffers such as the ones listed.

Tony said...

You are right, because Pecos Bill is one of Melody Time's 7 segments.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "X", perhaps for X Atencio!

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Thanks! I totally missed that one despite its obviousness.

I'll add to the main body of the post.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.

Small mistake, though : Brian Sibley is the present-day Disney historian. The animator from the golden age is John Sibley.

Jeffrey Pepper said...

Brain misfire #2. Jeez, I gotta get my act together.

Corrected in the main post--

Thanks Lionel!