Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cutting Out with Johnny Appleseed

Here at 2719 Hyperion, one of our favorite Disney animated vignettes is the story of Johnny Appleseed, one of the segments from the 1948 feature Melody Time. The Disney incarnation of Johnny inspired few merchandise tie-ins, but the story of the American folk hero was translated into a comic book story that appeared in the Dell Giant Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies No. 6, published in 1956.

Johnny and a few members of his supporting cast were featured on the back cover of that comic in the form of a cutout activity. The instructions:

"These cutouts will give you a chance to set the scene for your own story about Johnny Appleseed's adventures. First, cut out the pictures on this page. Then, fold each one along the dotted lines to make it stand up. Now, you're ready to put your story into action. You can arrange the cutouts any way you choose, and move them around whenever you like to follow Johnny as he travels West planting his seeds."


OhioDave said...

Always nice to see a reference to one of my family's favorite Disney animated films (both "Johnny Appleseed" and also its parent feature "Melody Time").