Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pana-Vue Slide: Arriving at Treasure Island

Images such as this one are relatively rare and take us back to the earliest of days at Walt Disney World. The Entrance Landing to Treasure Island was featured on slide WDW-961 from the Treasure Island set. Treasure Island was the original incarnation of Discovery Island. 1980s-era editions of the Birnbaum Guides revealed:

"Before the World began, this island was flat and scrubby, just a tangle of vines. But Disney planners, thinking of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island, decided to turn it into a horticultural and zoological paradise. They cleared the vegetation, brought in 15,000 cubic yards of sandy soil, and added 500 tons each of boulders and trees. They built hills, carved out lagoons, sowed grass seed, and planted 20 types of palm trees, 10 species of bamboo, and dozens upon dozens of other plants from Argentina, Bolivia, the Canary Islands, China, Costa Rica, Formosa, the Himalayas, India, Japan, Peru, South Africa, Trinidad and other nations around the world. Then they added winding paths, built aviaries and filled them with birds, and added a few props to carry through the Treasure Island theme. A wrecked ship salvaged from off the coast of Florida was installed on the beach, and a Jolly Roger hung from the lookout post. The creation was dubbed Treasure Island."