Monday, January 05, 2009

Adventurer's Almanac: Ganesha

Though the Adventurer's Club at Walt Disney World has faded from view, we can still continue to bring you excerpts from the always entertaining Adventurer's Almanac that was published during the early 1990s. This selection is from Volume No. 54, Issue No. 1.

Curator's Corner

Hello Adventurers; Hodges here. The topic for this installment of "The Curator's Corner" is Ganesha. Ganesha was the God of Good Fortune in the Hindu mythology ... eventually. You see, another Hindu god (who shall remain anomalous) was jealous of Ganesha's good looks and cut off his head! Vishnu, the head Hindu honcho, soon came by and said, "Dang! That's the third one this week!"

Following an ancient Hindu veterinarian's remedy, Vishnu restored Ganesha to life by supplying him with the head of the next animal to walk by It was, by good fortune, an elephant. Thus, Ganesha went on to be a wise and memorable god, in spite of the fact that he worked for peanuts.

So, when people call you "elephant-head," take it as a compliment! Here are several other expressions that history teaches us are actually compliments:

"Pig-headed"—honors the Welsh god Ovinia and her ability to find food for her worshippers almost anywhere, no matter how disgusting it looked. A reform movement later resulted in barbecuing Ovinia at the stake.

"Guano-head"—. . . bad example.

"Pin-head"— notes the inventor of bowling, Eugene S. Trike, and his ability to take hard knocks and still have something to spare.

"Egg-head"—no legend here, I just like saying egg-head.

I hope this information will increase your popularity. If it doesn't, perhaps you should try a mouthwash. Yours in college, uh, knowledge,

—Hector Flodges.

Editor's note: Curator Fletcher Hodges has resumed taking his medication at the proper intervals, as of this printing.