Thursday, March 10, 2011

Windows to the Past: "Walt Disney Will Love This!"

This week we open another Window to the Past that provides an additional view of the north African war theater during World War II, a location we visited in similar fashion last week.  In this photograph, dating from April 1943, the flight crew of a B-25 put the finishing touches on their Pluto-inspired insignia.

The photo's caption provided the following details:
"Walt Disney will love this!"  "Pluto gets a break as Lt. John J. Privara of Lions Ill. and Capt. James T. Mckee of Picayune, Miss., Pilot of the North American B-25 along with Lt. Russel E. Wise of Arlington, Mass. co-pilot and William L. Lewis, of Mexico, Missouri admire their new insignia.


Neosquirrel said...

Although the caption does read "Lions IL", it probably should be "Lyons", a town that exists just due north of Burbank--Burbank IL that is. ;)