Monday, March 21, 2011

Exhibit Hall: Sorry No Win - The Disneyland Dream Machine Tickets

Some pieces of ephemera can have very, very short lifespans.  The perfect example: a Disneyland Dream Machine ticket.  A component of Disneyland's 35th Anniversary celebration in 1990, these non-winning contest tickets were typically discarded within just a few feet of of the main entrance turnstiles where they were distributed.  As near as we can determine, a complete set consisted of twenty-four variations, each with a different character or characters. We have gathered them all together for our newest 2719 Hyperion Exhibition Hall showcase: Sorry No Win - The Disneyland Dream Machine Tickets.

More than just a memory of the 35th Anniversary celebration, the Dream Machine tickets also provide a snapshot of the popular entertainment that the Disney Company was producing in 1990.  So head on over to the Exhibition Hall and into Exhibit Room 35D and see just who the Disney stars were that graced these now rare mementos of Disneyland history.