Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pixar Freeze Frame! - Hidden Heroes in Finding Nemo

Our next Pixar Freeze Frame takes us again to the Australian setting of Finding Nemo where we will focus in on the waiting room of Sydney dentist Dr. Phillip Sherman.  Any good dentist's office has its obligatory toy box to keep younger patients sufficiently distracted from their impending procedures, and Dr. Sherman's abode is no exception.  But among his collection of toys is a certain Space Ranger of note.  Though lying prone on the floor, Buzz Lightyear stands out amidst the other rather generic playthings.

Later in the film, a young boy occupies himself with a Mr. Incredible comic book in the same waiting room, while chaos ensues in the nearby exam room.  Similar to Luigi from Cars, Mr. Incredible's appearance in Finding Nemo predated the release of his own movie.  The Incredibles was released eighteen months after Finding Nemo premiered on May 30, 2003.