Thursday, March 03, 2011

Windows to the Past: Donald Duck and the Seasweep

The Kingdom Hearts video game was not the first time Donald Duck was transformed into a mer-creature.  Witness this long-classified photograph taken during World War II at an undisclosed location somewhere in north Africa.  Emblazoned on the aircraft is a fish-tailed Donald, replete with a trident and a stern expression.  The photo's caption reads:
AN ADVANCED NORTH AFRICAN AIR BASE--The crew of "Seasweep" North American B-25 Mitchell bomber of, Major General James H. Doolittle's Bomber Command, have completed their 50th mission. Left to right are: Lt. Wm. J. Hartman, Catskill, N.Y., navigator; Lt. James T. Holey, Tuskaloosa, Alabama, pilot; Lt. Wm. M. Butterfield, Moscow, Idaho, co-pilot; S/Sgt. Alvin L. Langford, Waco, Texas, gunner; T/Sgt. John D. Glass, Biquiu, New Mexico, radio-gunner, and Lt. Marion S. Vestal, Grand Rapids, Michigan, bombardier.
The photograph was dated November 29, 1943.