Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lost Imagineering: Thunder Mesa

It is likely the most enduring legend of Lost Imagineering: Thunder Mesa and its signature attraction, the Western River Expedition. Press materials from 1969 provided this description:

"THUNDER MESA....A major attraction in the Frontierland area will be this spectacular panorama, where the old west will live again through a series of exciting adventures. Designed to resemble a 'table-top mountain," typical of those on southwestern deserts, it will include a pueblo-style village and other attractions, including the -Western River Expedition," a frontier fantasy on the grand scale of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' in California's Disneyland."

The very best account of the history and development of Thunder Mesa can be found at Widen Your World. Take a look!


Bartsy said...

I've read about Thnder Mesa before, (from the WYW website you refered too) and reaaly wish it would have been made. If only they had stuck to there guns and not gave way to pressure of redoing Pirates. I think Thunder Mesa would have been far superior to Pirates and even more popular! (and I LOVE the Pirates attraction!)

Anonymous said...

They should build this awesome attraction at WDW Fronteerland. They Could put it accross from Thunder Mountain on the Florida Way.