Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Toontown Field Guide: The Simple Things

A simple homage to the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Simple Things can be found just inside the front door of Mickey's house in Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland. In that particular cartoon, Mickey heads to the beach with faithful pal Pluto, but also takes along a fashionable hat and fishing rod, both of which are represented in the entrance foyer of his home.

The Simple Things, released in 1953, represented Mickey's initial retirement from animated short subjects. It just recently celebrated its 55th Anniversary on April 18. Check out our earlier post that details the significance and simple pleasures of this often overlooked cartoon.


Anonymous said...

I admit this wasn't one of the mouse's best pictures. I did like the clam in Pluto's mouth gags and the final gag with the seagull signing his freinds for free fresh fish.

Anonymous said...

I love these posts from the old cartoon shorts. Keep them coming and thank you.

Brian O'Neil said...

Love you on the WDW radio show. Listen to you all the time.
Great website.

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PaulBunyan said...

Lance Nolley did layout on this the last Mickey short and Plutopia the last Pluto short. He also did story on the last classic Donald short "The Litter Bug"