Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Toontown Field Guide: Chinny, Chin, Chin Construction Co.

It is certainly not difficult to trace the roots of the Chinny, Chin, Chin Construction Co., the latest identification from our Toontown Field Guide. This window is featured on one of the buildings in Mickey's Tootown in Disneyland. The Silly Symphony The Three Little Pigs was released in 1933 and has long been considered a high water mark in the history of Disney animation. Central to the story was of course the building of houses, thus the casting of the three heroes as Toontown construction contractors.

Even more fun is that if you travel cross country to Walt Disney World in Florida, you will find Practical Pig and his brothers similarly referenced in Mickey's Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom. There, the Chinny, Chin, Chin Construction Co. has been contracted to do remodeling work on the kitchen in Mickey's country house. This is evidenced by blueprints that can be found on Mickey's kitchen table.


Princess Fee said...

That's brilliant - I love that window, and I love the connecting reference over at WDW.
Might need to try and find some time to head over to Disneyland again...hehe

Ed South said...

How great would a cartoon be using that blue print as a casting list!?

Unknown said...

Why do I get nervous thinking about Donald and Goofy messing in someone's kitchen?

Great catch, Jeff!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

George, it couldn't be any worse than all of the other times they have worked together,... ohh, I see your point.