Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snapshot! - Blue Dreams

The one overriding characteristic of the Year of a Million Dreams is that it is blue. Everything from promotional material to the Dream Squad, from Dream Fastpasses to the Dream Along with Mickey castle forecourt show. In this snapshot, it appears that Princess Aurora never received the "blue"memo.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


It's also impressive that you shot the "Dream Along with Mickey" dancers while they were in the air.

Tuckenie said...

Hmph! She SHOULD be wearing blue!

Unknown said...

It would be interesting to be in the marketing meetings whenever they choose colors for something.

So was it you or your SO that wanted to watch the show?

1983horizons1 said...

Looks like Merryweather chose the YoaMD promotional colors.

The irony.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo!
I recently painted my bathroom to match the blue on the castle.
Looks great and makes me happy.

Unknown said...

Hey JP--

Do you wear the YOAMD colors when you are there?

Jeffrey Pepper said...

No George, I only wear official Disney World Trivia and WDW Radio approved clothing while visiting the parks. It's in my podcast contract.


Craig Wheeler said...

I immediately looked past the blue and saw the almost-pink color of the castle. I still just can't get my head around that color choice. I think the castle always looked much better when it was all gray.

Oh well...better than hot pink birthday cake!