Sunday, December 16, 2007

Las Posadas

December 16th marks the beginning of Las Posadas, the holiday tradition celebrated in many Latin American countries. The nine-day celebration symbolizes the search for shelter by Mary and Joseph and culminates on December 24, Noche Buena, meaning "Holy Night."

The story of Las Posadas was featured in one of the Disney Studio's most underrated animated feature films, The Three Caballeros, released in 1944. It is a simple, brief, yet incredibly beautiful sequence told through a series of pastel-styled illustrations conceived by the film's art director, the renowned Mary Blair. The images would distinctly foreshadow Blair's conceptual designs for It's a Small World some twenty years later.

Likely due to its brevity, the Las Posadas sequence remains one of Disney's least recognized Christmas-related efforts. It is a more quiet and sincere segment of an otherwise high energy production, and truly showcases the unique talents of one of Disney's most notable legends.


Lainey Schallock said...

Jeff - Love the post and love the new logo! I love celebrating non-european based holiday celebrations and mexico has some fabulous traditions. Of course, wherever Mary's involved I'm a fan...

Anonymous said...

This sequence is part of a disney christmas special I've beentrying to find.

Broadcast somepoint around the late 80's or so. It's a split up (and re-dubbed) Donald Duck The Clock Watcher cartoon, with many other segments in it, introduced and narrated by the ever present voice at the other end of the horn that bosses Donald around.

If you know what it is - for the love of god help me! ;)

BJWanlund said...

Hey darkcryst:

Are you talking about The Disney Christmas Gift?? One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Disney holiday specials??