Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snapshot: Disneyland! - Service With a Smile

We remain in Mickey's Toontown for our next Disneyland Snapshot! There's something fishy about those gas pumps at Goofy's Gas, and the occupants bear a striking resemblance to a certain Henry Limpet. The Walt Disney World counterpart to Goofy's Gas is Pete's Garage. Pete's pump trades fish for a restroom key. And let me just say, for a gas station, Pete's has some very clean restrooms.
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Daveland said...

Jeff - I also thought there was a Don Knotts/Limpett connection going on there, too. BTW: I will check on my next trip to Toontown, but last time I was there, the Limpett-fish were gone.

Jessica said...

I love The Incredible Mr. Limpet. :-) Such a fantastically weird cheesy movie. So would one be considered Henry, and the other Ladyfish?

Ann said...

as of 12/21 the gas tank at WDW was missing. I went to show it to a friend and there just sat a box. I hope it was just gone for a new paint job or something, but it was quite sad to see it missing.