Monday, December 31, 2007

Souvenirs: Pleasure Island Memories

Souvenir buttons of bygone days.

This collection of buttons dates from the inaugural days of Pleasure Island back in the spring of 1989. While both Comedy Warehouse and Adventurers Club have survived the past two decades, Avigators Supply and the Neon Armadillo have sadly faded into Walt Disney World obscura.

Avigators Supply was easily one of my most favorite shopping experiences in Walt Disney World. A companion store of sorts to the Adventurers Club, it was a very cool aviation themed establishment that was reminiscent of Banana Republic in its pre-Gap days.

A 1990 edition of the Birnbaum guide provided this description of the Neon Armadillo, PI's original country music venue:

"Once a greenhouse for exotic plants collected during Pleasure's endless world travels, the Neon Armadillo now features live country & western music nightly. Southwestern decor is highlighted by a wonderful brass chandelier in the shape of a spur and inlaid wood tabletops decorated in Navajo blanket patterns. In keeping with the Southwestern theme, two fajitas bars offer freshly made chicken, beef, or seafood fajitas. Specialty drinks, beer, and wine are also served."


Greg said...

I have one of the black and gold Adventurers Club membership badges. Got in February of 1990. I know it is around here somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it. I do have the pin you have pictured and an old AC ball cap from Avigators. I miss that store.

Mack said...

I was a big fan of the Adventurers Club and Avigators when Pleasure Island first opened. I was at the par k for about a week and went to that club almost every night, mainly to examine all the photos and artifacts strewn about. I also really enjoyed the interaction with the "characters" in the club and the little shows they presented. It's one of my fondest memories from the park.

RadioCarla said...

I remember when the Neon Armadillo opened and Disney also had a country music TV show that taped there. I was working country radio at the time and two of my co-workers would tape local bumpers for going in and out of the show. That was about when Garth Brooks was getting big so everyone was trying to jump on the country bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

I visited back in 1989. Loved it.
Here are some pictures: