Monday, December 03, 2007

Snapshot: Disneyland! - Rancho del Zocalo

I've been wanting to expand our Snapshot! offerings beyond the borders of Walt Disney World for quite some time, so with the able assistance of Dave DeCaro, one of our favorite fellow Disney bloggers, and proprietor of Daveland and Vintage Disneyland at Daveland, we present what we hope will be the first of many posts in our brand new Snapshot Disneyland! category.

First up, Dave shows us some wonderful and very colorful details from Frontierland's Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante.

On a related note, I am looking for volunteers for similar themed Snapshot Paris! and Snapshot Tokyo! features. If you are a regular visitor to either of those resorts and would like to see your photos showcased here at 2719 Hyperion, please contact me at A perusal of our Snapshot! category will give you a general idea of the material we are looking for.

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Jessica said...

I love this quick-service, although I kept wanting to call it Rancho del *Zorro* :-) Beautiful theming and architecture.

They also had these great chips with lemon that I really wish they served in WDW.

Unknown said...

Great shots!

I'm glad to see 2719 Hyperion expanding. The more Pepper, the better!

Dave does run a great blog and a very cool website. Make sure to check out his animated Disneyland map.

Lainey Schallock said...

These are lovely. I love Rancho del Zocalo. It offers a nice and unique area in the park which is often not UBER crowded. And of course the decor is lovely. It brings a little more southern california into Disney's Southern California park. Muy Bien!