Thursday, October 11, 2007

Virtual Souvenirs: Luggage Labels from the Wilderness

For our next set of Virtual Souvenirs, we apply a heavy dose of travel nostalgia to two of our favorite Walt Disney World resorts. Luggage labels and travel decals were very popular during the first half of the 20th century. National parks and western themed destinations were among the more notable and popular designs, making this type of souvenir a natural fit for Fort Wilderness and the Wilderness Lodge.


Anonymous said...


Yeah, it would really be cool to have some of these decals!

I really enjoy your blog (and the podcast)-cool stuff!


Ynot said...

I've never seen these before. I'm a big fan of Disney decals, luggage tags, etc. I wish I had held onto stuff like this!

Unknown said...

I haven't been that much into stickers since I stopped collecting the labels off of exotic beers that I had tried....haha

There is just so much to collect out there. It's hard to just focus on one area. I would find it hard to keep up with stickers though. If they end up on one wrong, overheated area, they are ruined

Greg said...

Love 'em. Are you designing these yourself? Nice!