Monday, October 08, 2007

Desktop Retro: EPCOT Center

October 1, 2007 has passed but the Celebration continues. Dan Cunningham returns with another of his amazing retro desktops. From Dan:

I don't know if the blog fans are suffering an EPCOT Center hangover yet, but here's one more item featuring masterful concept art by Herbert Dickens Ryman. As you probably know, Ryman is a giant in the history of W.E.D./Imagineering, and I think he amply captured the excitement and spirit of the park in this rendering. Not to mention, he was a most humble and gentle man for someone with such enormous amount of talent and skill.

As always, enormous thanks to Dan for all his his efforts.

(Above links to 800x600)





Unknown said...


I have a dual monitor setup and I wish I could figure out how to put this on my large display and leave the secondary display with my default black desktop.

I just have so many icons that it gives me a headache to try and find them when I have a pictorial background.

Oh well, I've saved the image just in case I go to a single display mode

Disneyana World said...

What ever became of 'The Living Seas' design you wanted from my blog?

Jeffrey Pepper said...


The Living Seas graphic was something I was very excited about trying to do something with, and unfortunately got shelved due to a number of other projects that came to the forefront. I was thinking of actually sending it on to Dan to see if he had any ideas for it.

Anonymous said...

Another great desktop! Thanks!

David said...

Fabulous! Just bloody fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Always love the desktops.
No EPCOT hangover here.
Especially since I didn't get to go on 1 October 2007.

Brad Gravett said...

Grumpwurst - find a program called Ultramon, it's easy to google. IIRC it's only $15 bucks but it really fills in the holes in Window's multi-monitor support.

Jeff, I also adore the wallpapers you put up. You always manage to find images that ooze style. One small, humble request, though: can you post a version without the header text?

Unknown said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I'm giving the trial version a go and so far me likes!