Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Desktop Retro: The Skeleton Dance

To celebrate Halloween, our resident desktop design genius Dan Cunningham takes a detour out of Walt Disney World and travels all the way back to the very early days of classic Disney animation. Dan summed it up nicely when he wrote to me, "Some important names in animation history are on that title card, so I thought they deserved special attention. Naturally, this will be appropriate for people to have during the next week (or more often, for the fans of the macabre side of animation.)" As always, enormous thanks to Dan for all his efforts!
(Above links to 800x600)





Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful wallpaper!

Princess Fee said...

Lovely wallpaper - thank you for the time and effort that went into it! Fantastic for the season!

Unknown said...

I was reading the IMDB trivia for Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride and there is supposedly a scene in the movie that is a nod to this movie, The Skeleton Dance