Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Today's Halloween treat is a very special work of art from the contemporary master of four color Disney ducks. This wonderful illustration is Don Rosa's homage to Carl Barks' comic book adaptation of animation director Jack Hannah's 1952 Donald Duck cartoon Trick or Treat. Whew. That's a considerable amount of talent in just one sentence. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Tony said...

And it's autographed to you?! Very cool.

Unknown said...


I was going to comment the same thing. That is awesome that it's autographed

Unknown said...

Great piece of artwork, Jeff.

Do you have it framed and hanging somewhere in the house?

Disneyana World said...

I saw Don Rosa at a comic show before my Disney obsession was in full force.

I'm mad I never got an autograph.

BJWanlund said...

Oh, WOW.