Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Snow White Cafe

More a victim of geography than any lack of passion on its author's part, 2719 Hyperion has distinctly displayed an east coast bias over its short history. Longtime supporter, great friend, fellow animation enthusiast and organist supreme Rob Richards helps us rectify that to some extent as he guides us to a not-quite-so-famous Disney landmark right in the heart of Tinseltown:

The Walt Disney Company has a major presence on Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, California.

Its historic El Capitan theatre attracts approximately a half million guests each year with movies, stage shows and live music with its world famous Mighty Wurlitzer.

Less than a block away, a small neighborhood bistro creates a very modest presence by comparison. Yet the Snow White Café has a historic Disney legacy all its own.

The menu has very little to say – just one sentence! (This is likely by design, avoiding any conflict with the legal department of a certain Burbank studio.) The menu states that in 1946, Disney studio artists painted the huge original mural (inside, above the front door). Rendered in a recognizably Disney style, it proclaims "We hope we have pleased you!"

Rumor has it that the animators (and Walt, too) used to frequent the café, meeting there to brainstorm while having a light meal or a “cup of joe.” Supposedly, the mural was a gift given as a token of appreciation for the café’s hospitality to studio personnel.

There are many pieces of artwork throughout the café, yet the menu acknowledges only the front door artwork as original. Were there other original paintings “once upon a time?” Were they repaired? Replaced? Or are the additional paintings just Disney look-alikes? Who painted these? There are more questions than answers.

Even though its provenance is vague, Hollywood’s SNOW WHITE CAFÉ is certainly of interest to Disney aficionados. And for locals and visitors, it still serves a great breakfast for six bucks!

Here is your personal photographic tour of the SNOW WHITE CAFÉ. If you plan a visit to Hollywood, be sure and stop in to see it for yourself.

Thanks so much to Rob for revealing to us this wonderful out of the way corner of Walt Disney's Hollywood. To learn more about Rob and his many interests and endeavors, visit his website, and also be sure to check out his terrific blog Animation Backgrounds.



Hey Jeff,

This turned out great! Glad I could contribute to your blog, and thanks for the links to my sites.

All my best!

Rob Richards
House Organist
Disney's El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Unknown said...

Great photos. For those interested, there is an event at the Snow White Cafe, 6769 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles on May 13th, 2010. There will be talk about the place's history, and an artifact from the old Snow White ride will be on display for that night only. For more detailed info, visit http://ghoula.blogspot.com/2010/05/mays-spirits-with-spirits.html