Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Guide to EPCOT Center

This was the EPCOT Center of close to twenty years ago. Norway was forthcoming but signs of the Wonders of Life pavilion had yet to make it into the park's guidebook. Disney Dollars were relatively new, Future World played host to the Epcot Daredevil Circus Spectacular, and Le Cellier was a buffeteria specializing in pork pies and rib roasts.

From the Guidebook's introduction:

More than twice the size of the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center is really two unique worlds in one:

Innovations in communications, energy, transportation, the land, the sea and imagination are yours to explore.

Ten nations open their doors to you, sharing their accomplishments and cultures.

This Guidebook includes general information to help you make the most of your Epcot Center visit. For additional information, WORLDKEY INFORMATION SATELLITES, located in both Future World and World Showcase, put Epcot Center information "at your fingertips." The hosts and hostesses in Earth Station (adjacent to Spaceship Earth) will also be glad to help.


Anonymous said...

These guidebooks really bring back the memories. Much better than the guidemaps of today.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't seen that map in years. I think I have an old one like that in one of my memory boxes at my parents' house. I might want to dig it out. I agree with the previous poster - the old maps were so much better.

Anonymous said...

Our kids loved helping make dinner reservations at Worldkey in Earth Station. And our whole family was in awe of the overhead screens showing the bigger-than-life images of EPCOT Center. IT WAS A FUN PLACE TO BE.

There's so much talk of there not being enough fun at Epcot. I'm telling you, our family had a lot of fun at EPCOT Center. It's going to be sad when we take the grandchildren to WDW in a few years and we will be unable to show them most of what our kids loved at EPCOT Center because so much of it was changed out in the '90s.

Unknown said...

I actually have this same guide book tucked away in my closet. They were always my favorite. Thanks for sharing so much great material from the past as we celebrate EPCOT's legacy. I encourage everyone to check out The Meandering Mouse Podcast #66. It's a glorious celebration of EPCOT that includes shared personal thoughts and feelings over the parks by former cast members, some facts about the park, historical audio footage, and a complete history and backstage tour of sorts of EPCOT's icon: Spaceship Earth. Lou Mongello from WDW Radio makes a guest appearance on this show as well as he shares his personal thoughts on the park.

Show can be downloaded here:

Thanks again for all the wonderful EPCOT coverage lately, Jeff P.

-Jeff from Houston
Host of The Meandering Mouse Podcast
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