Sunday, September 23, 2007

The EPCOT Pre-Opening Postcards - World Showcase

As promised, here are the postcards featuring conceptual artwork from World Showcase pavilions. These cards were sold at the Magic Kingdom's EPCOT Preview Center prior to the park's opening in October of 1982. As noted in the prior post, these cards had a back-caption that read The Newest Wonder of the World Opens October 1, 1982. Missing from this specific series but later released were cards for Italy and Canada.

MEXICO IN THE WORLD SHOWCASE Within the Mayan pyramid of the Mexico pavilion, guests will sail along "Rivers of Time" from the pre-Columbian era to Modern Mexico.

WORLD SHOWCASE In the People's Republic of China pavilion, CircleVision 360 will surround guests with extraordinary images and sounds of that vast nation.

GERMANY IN THE WORLD SHOWCASE Fairy-tale charm and Oktoberfest revelry will be captured in the platz and biergarten of the Germany pavilion.

THE AMERICAN ADVENTURE More than 30 Audio-Animatronics figures, including "hosts" Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, will bring the triumphant story of America and its people to life.

JAPAN IN THE WORLD SHOWCASE The towers of an ancient fortress will rise above delicately sculpted gardens and colorful koi fish ponds in the Japan pavilion.

FRANCE IN THE WORLD SHOWCASE A new "Eiffel Tower" soars above the boulevard shops and guests wills thrill to a cinematic tour in the "Impressions de France" film at Palais du Cinema.
UNITED KINGDOM IN WORLD SHOWCASE In the "Rose & Crown" pub in the United Kingdom pavilion, guests will enjoy authentic British fare and toast Her Majesty with ale.


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