Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Largest Sundae at Walt Disney World

The wacky antics of MuppetVision 3-D can sometimes extend just beyond the attraction building and its queue area. Mostly obscured on high walls to the right of the building, two oversize planters take on slightly different functions as their contents fall victim to the hot Florida sun.

The largest ice cream sundae at Walt Disney World is not at Beaches and Cream but in fact at Disney-MGM Studios.


Anonymous said...

Once again Jeff - you've got a keen eye. As many times as I've been to Disney-MGM, I never noticed the sundaes! (I need to start looking up more!)

Rae! said...

Hi there I'm over from Jonathan's blog.I never noticed the sundaes.I will look when we go back in 2 weeks! said...

MY name is Brian Barker and I created this sundae when I work as decorator at the studios. I used a prop spoon from beauty and the beast show which kept breaking during showtime and some two part foam epoxy which was left over from fixing props in goofy's prop shop. The sprinkles on top were mini Christmas glass bulbs from the Christmas Warehouse which we worked at for overtime hours. I recieved a special award for added creativity from Imagineers. I am surprised that people still see it and if it is still there. That flower vase was suppose to come down because it was damaged but i hope it is stll up !! Glad someone enjoy it !!