Thursday, May 10, 2007

Freeze Frame! - Aladdin, Groucho and Ed

The Genie's celebrity impersonations are among the many memorable moments from Disney's 1992 animated feature Aladdin. Two such characterizations center on personalities from television's golden age. Robin Williams' vocal take on variety show icon Ed Sullivan is near dead on as he intones the signature line " . . . really big shew."

When Genie morphs into the slightly more recognizable Groucho Marx a few moments later, it borrows heavily from Groucho's famous and hugely popular 1950s game show, You Bet Your Life.

More Aladdin Freeze Frames tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Jessica said...

Robin Williams may give dead-on impressions, but you got to hand it to animator Eric Goldberg and his team for keeping up with such a frenzied pace!

Jeff - you need to get a photo of Rajah turning into Mickey Mouse - one of my favorite "freeze frames" in Aladdin.

Jeffrey Pepper said...


Where exactly is that scene? I haven't had a chance to completely re-watch the entire movie, and in scanning through, I've not been able to locate it.

Jessica said...

It's in the part where everyone transforms back after Jafar is defeated. The Sultan is holding baby Rajah, and then as grows back into a full-size tiger, his head resembles a famous mouse. It's hilarious!