Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pixar Freeze Frame! - A Heimlich Maneauver

When Pixar produced Toy Story 2, they had very little character canon to draw upon for inside jokes and hidden cameos.  But the filmmakers did manage to sneak in a number of references to A Bug's Life, Pixar's second feature film.  Heimlich the caterpillar makes a brief and rather camouflaged appearance when Buzz Lightyear pushes his way through some shrubbery during the journey to Al's Toy Barn.

A few moments later, shortly after entering the store, Buzz runs past a display of A Bug's Life merchandise.


cliffclaven said...

I seem to recall they actually reference that first shot in the "outtakes" at the end. You saw Flick and Heimlich in closeup, talking about having a scene in the new movie. Then Buzz's hand shoves their leaf out of the way.

EverythingMouse said...

I always enjoy seeing the referencing in the Pixar movies. Now they have such a large amount of work behind them there is so much scope. Very much looking forward to Cars 2.