Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pixar Freeze Frame! - Boundin' with Stanley

The setting of the 2003 Pixar animated short Boundin' was likely not far removed from the small town of Radiator Springs, as demonstrated by this Pixar Freeze Frame.  The vehicle that delivers the rancher to shear the sheep is in fact Stanley, the founder of Radiator Springs, who was immortalized (at least in statue form) in Pixar's 2006 feature Cars.  Stanley's somewhat less than anthropomorphic appearance in Boundin' predated Cars by close to two and a half years.


Anonymous said...

Jeff....eagle eye, most of Pixar's movies coencidided my children and they seem to be on a constant loop for months on end. I have noticed the toys and ball in various movies but the "cars" in this short, Nemo, and Incredibles...wow what an eagle eye. I enjoy your blogs, thank you.