Friday, May 20, 2011

Don Rosa's Never Published Disney-MGM Comic

Ah, what might have been . . . 

As part of an upcoming collection of Don Rosa Donald Duck stories, Boom! Comics is releasing a previously unpublished work that would have tied into the opening of the Disney-MGM Studios back in 1989.  The Starstruck Duck, only produced as rough breakdowns, chronicled Donald and his nephews visiting the Disney World theme park and Donald's quest for the autograph of the world's biggest star--Mickey Mouse.  Even in its very rough draft state, the story is still very clever and entertaining.  It is part of Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck Volume 1, the first in a series of trade paperbacks reprinting Rosa's Donald Duck stories in chronological order.

The web site Comics Alliance has made available all ten pages for your reading pleasure.  Take a look!


Johnny Jackhammer said...

Thanks for posting this, Jeff! I wasn't sure I was gonna buy this book, but now it is a Must Have!

kostas said...

Wow, an unpublished story! Thank you very much!