Saturday, March 08, 2008

Californy er Bust!

Even the most casual of readers here are likely to notice my slightly more Florida-based focus when it comes to Disney theme parks. This has always been more a product of geography than any intentional bias on my part. To correct this imbalance at least to some degree, I'm heading to southern California this weekend for my first trip to Disneyland in nearly two decades. To say I'm happy and excited would most certainly be an understatement of epic proportions.

Though it will be a crazy and jam-packed few days, I'm hoping to find time to visit the location whose name also graces the top of this web page. As I noted in one of my earliest posts, "Hallowed ground amidst the produce, canned goods, shopping carts and cigarettes." 2719 Hyperion awaits.

I hope to update the site as time and opportunities permit. If you happen to be in Disneyland this weekend and spot my colleagues and I, don't be shy--we'd love to meet you!


The World Famous Andrew said...

Hey Jeff--

If you happen to stop by the Tiki Room, feel free to come and say hi. I will be there both Saturday and Sunday and thoroughly enjoy your site! My name is, obviously, Andrew.

Cory Gross said...

*Grrr, this is me being jealous!*