Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy About Movies

Leonard Maltin has long been one of my heroes and role models. His cartoon history tome Of Mice and Magic opened up the world of classic Hollywood animation to me some twenty five or so years ago, and he's one of the very few film critics I feel I can trust for fair and insightful reviews. His participation in the Disney Treasures DVD series is but one of many reasons to elevate him to Hollywood sainthood.

So it should come as no surprise that I heartily and enthusiastically recommend his latest book Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy. Collecting the very best of his quarterly newsletter that is a veritable cornucopia of movie history, star interviews and Hollywood ephemera, the book is a page turner of the highest magnitude. And lest you think I veer off topic from " . . . the Many Worlds of Disney Entertainment," Maltin frequently touches on Disney-related material. Especially notable is Chapter Four which features the article "The Women of Ink and Paint," a wonderful interview with Betty Kimball and Marie Johnston. It is a fun, accessible read and hopefully the first of many future volumes that will continue to collect the best of Maltin's Movie Crazy efforts.