Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Snapshot! - The Crocodile and the Vane

In continuing our celebration of Peter Pan this week, we travel today to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Two of my favorite Fantasyland details relate to the architecture of Peter Pan's Flight.  Tick-Tock the crocodile guards over the attraction's exit, likely on the lookout for any sign of the villainous Captain Hook.  Perched above the croc on a nearby rooftop is a weather vane that cleverly takes the shape of Hook's pirate ship.

Of note--Tick-Tock is an unofficial nickname for the character.  Official Disney texts simply identify the beast as "the Crocodile."


Unknown said...

Two of my favorite details, too! I remember feeling really smug as a kid for noticing the weathervane, and just thinking that was the coolest thing ever. I love that kind of stuff about WDW.