Thursday, June 16, 2011

The 1953 Peter Pan Marketing Machine

If you thought that far-reaching and media-saturating marketing campaigns were primarily a more contemporary Disney Company tactic, think again.  In early 1953, it was difficult to open a newspaper and not be exposed to advertising featuring tie-ins to Peter Pan, which was released in February of that year.  And if you thought that the products and services being endorsed were likely juvenile in nature, you would be most mistaken, as evidenced by the above-featured ad for the Peter Pan Haircut.  Salons across the country offered the cut, as well as the Peter Pan Permanent.  It was "brushed and curled to the very last inch--this whimsical wonderful wearable hairdo!"

Other Pan-related campaigns included Western Airlines, that proclaimed, "Let Western Airlines tell you why every girl and boy can fly!"  Tinker Bell was just one of the film's characters that promoted Weather-Bird Shoes in shoe stores nationwide.

IGA Supermarkets and other food chains promoted having a Peter Pan Party, which tied into an article published in the magazine Woman's Home Companion.

Previously at 2719 Hyperion, we featured components of the advertising campaign for Admiral Appliances that also made use of the Peter Pan cast.

There was certainly much more to Peter than just peanut butter . . . 


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