Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Vintage Snapshot! - That's My Dog!

Yes, there was indeed a time when actual film and television production took place at the Studios park at Walt Disney World.  Case in point: this Vintage Snapshot! documents the taping of an episode of that now classic TV show That's My Dog!  I was present in 1991 as part of the audience for the episode that featured the epic contest between Sassafras and Jenny.  My spouse even got to participate as a judge for one of the show's segments.  The exterior set for the show was located near Residential Street on the Studios backlot.

The gentleman in the white sports coat is Steve Skrovan, the host of That's My Dog! during its first season.  Skrovan would go on to work behind the scenes as a television producer, most notably on Everybody Loves RaymondThat's My Dog! aired for two seasons on the Family Channel.  The show's second season was filmed at nearby Universal Studios Orlando.

Performing audience warm-up for the show that day was a gentleman named Phil Moore, who would go on to greater fame on a number of Nickelodeon game shows, most notably as the host of Nick Arcade.  According to IMDB, Moore also did warm-ups for the Mickey Mouse Club, another Disney-MGM Studios production.  He was a fun and engaging person and even took a moment to pose with an audience member (indeed, my aforementioned spouse).