Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boom-Pop! Rises Again!

Yes indeed, like a classic Universal Monster, Boom-Pop!, our companion site devoted to 20th century popular culture has once again returned to life.  I was feeling distinctly over-ambitious when I launched the site in summer of 2008, only to sadly retire it a few months later.  I tried to bring it back in early 2010, but again lacked the necessary time and resources to keep it fresh and active.  Hopefully, the third time will be the charm.  I'm hoping a more conservative publishing schedule (2-3 posts a week) will prove more manageable.

This week, we returned to the animated architecture of the original episodes of The Jetsons television program, examined a vintage postcard of a popular Hollywood landmark, and investigated the fate of a classic toy from the 1960s--the Major Matt Mason Space Station.

Living in the past can be a lot of fun.  Take a look if you haven't already!