Monday, January 03, 2011

Vintage Snapshot! - Endor Vendors

It still remains somewhat of a mystery why Endor Vendors was re-themed into the current incarnation of Tatooine Traders at the Studios park at Walt Disney World.  The entire Star Tours attraction there is built around the Endor Moon setting.  The change occurred in the late 1990s; this vintage snapshot dates back to 1990. 


Unknown said...

My guess is that the locally owned Endor Vendors needed to sell the business to off-world interests as a result of the down turn the Endor economy went through in the mid to late 90's. And at the time, Tatooine Traders was looking for more expansion following the success of their ski shop on Hoth, so they snapped it up quickly.

Rob said...

If memory serves, the change coincided with the release of the Tatooine-centric (think pod races) "Episode I" into theaters in 1999. I always assumed the re-theme was an attempted tie-in with the then current film. Thanks for the cool pic!