Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Freeze Frame! - Tummy Trouble Storefronts

Animation background artists are quite adept at hidden gags and most especially self reference.  This holds true for the 1989 Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Trouble, but it does take quick reflexes with the pause button to ferret out these split second testimonials.  When the ambulance careens down a city street, it passes the following five storefronts:

Greg's Gym
Kathy's Nails
Rob's Pastry Shop
Karen's Inn
Glenn's Greenery

Here are some educated guesses as to the identities of these Toontown business owners:

Greg's Gym - background artist Greg Drolette

Kathy's Nails - background artist Kathy Altieri

Rob's Pastry Shop - Tummy Trouble director Rob Minkoff

Karen's Inn - layout artist Karen Keller

Glenn's Greenery - no one by the name of Glenn is listed in the film's credits.  This one remains a mystery.  A possible reference to Disney animator Glen Keane despite the variation in spelling?