Saturday, December 11, 2010

Outside Addresses: Annies, Oscars--But No Cause for Celebration

What others were saying this week about the many worlds of Disney entertainment:

   "Membership in ASIFA is open to anyone who pays a yearly fee, and nominations are voted by members who have been approved by an ASIFA committee. According to reports, DreamWorks Animation automatically buys a membership for every employee, and may employ as much as 40 percent of the total ASIFA membership.
   "Annies results caused something of a scandal in 2009, when DreamWorks' "Kung Fu Panda" won 10 awards while Pixar's "Wall-E," the eventual Oscar winner and consensus choice for one of the best films of the year, was completely shut out."

Steve Pond
The Wrap
Commenting on Disney/Pixar's disassociation with ASIFA and the Annie Awards

"But even if [Toy Story 3] does win, the directors of animated films have a way to go in attaining top Hollywood status. Unkrich's name does not leap to people's lips the way Christopher Nolan or David Fincher do. The online version of Time's story misspelled Unkrich's name as "Les Unkrich." The print magazine spelled it right, and it was corrected online, but it's evidence of how obscure even the most eminent animation directors are. Unkrich has won three Annie Awards for directing (for Finding Nemo, shared with Andrew Stanton; Monsters, Inc., shared with Pete Docter and David Silverman; and Toy Story 2, shared with Pixar top dog John Lasseter and Ash Brannon). When animation finally wins respect in the best picture category, the next step will be to give these guys their due in best director."

Tom Appelo
The Hollywood Reporter

"It does have a unique flavor or flair that isn't found in a lot of places, (but) it's not like living at Disney World. It's a real town, (with) real issues."

Celebration resident Chris Stellwag
From a CNN news report.

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