Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freeze Frame! - Mickey Mouse Tummy Troubles

Our recent Freeze Frames have been focused on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  We're going to continue to explore that toony world, but take a detour over to Tummy Trouble, the very first Roger Rabbit cartoon, that was released in theaters in 1989 with the feature film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

Homage is paid in the short to both Mickey Mouse and one of his classic early cartoons.  A very quickly panned background from Baby Herman's hospital room features a wall chart of a mouse's skull, Mickey's pants and shoes, and a picture of the namesake villain from the 1933 cartoon The Mad Doctor.  The bag of money on the scale?  Not quite sure other than to say that Mickey is a very wealthy mouse indeed.

Later, a Mickey-themed mouse-hole can been seen near the elevator doors.

More Tummy Trouble Freeze Frames are on the way.  Stay tooned!


Unknown said...

I wonder if the bag of money on the scale was to say that he was worth his weight in gold?