Friday, January 18, 2008

It's the Greatest!

We mentioned in a post a few days ago how the original Mickey Mouse Club was a major part of 1950s popular culture, and this magazine ad from 1956 certainly bears that observation out. It was very important that the Mouseketeers at home identify with their television counterparts, and a genuine and OFFICIAL Mouseketeer Polo Shirt with its multiple alphabet card of iron-on letters could go a long way to making that happen.

Mother will think they're super, too, when she learns they're made of the finest two-ply combed mercerized "Durene Yarn" (White Only).

Retail Price (including the iron-on letters): $2.00.


Klark Kent 007 said...

I would love to have this today.

Lou Mongello - said...

Can I get one that says "Mongello!"??

David said...

The 1930s Mickey Mouse Club had more members than the Boy and Girl Scouts combined.

Some theaters had to split their club meetings into morning and afternoon gatherings in order to accomodate all of the children who wanted to join. It was not uncommon to have 1,000 - 2,000 children join at just one theater. Oftentimes attendance was larger, especially in some of the larger cities.

Eric King said...

I want one!


I want one! I want one!