Friday, November 30, 2007

A Goofy Christmas Game

The holiday season is upon us so let's get the festivities started with some Four Color Fun from 1957. A Goofy Christmas Game appeared as one of the activity pages in the Dell comic Christmas in Disneyland. The rules in case you need them:

The night before Christmas, Goofy dreamed he had a visit from Santa's elves and played a game with them on his Christmas tree. This is the game they played, and you and a friend can play it, too, one of you being Goofy and the other taking the part of the elves. You will need a colored button as a marker for Goofy, which you will place on the star in the center, and seventeen white buttons as markers for the elves, to be placed on the ornaments marked E. Goofy and the other player move in turns following the lines, from one ornament to the next, in any direction. Each time Goofy can jump one of the elves, as in checkers, he takes it off the board. So it is up to the elves to try and get Goofy in a position where he cannot jump or move.


Disneyana World said...

I love the Dell Giant/Disneyland comic books.

Unknown said...


It's Christmas Time again? I hadn't noticed...haha

Anonymous said...

What if I don't have enough white buttons?