Friday, August 31, 2007

Desktop Retro: The 21st Century Begins

We are almost exactly one month away from the 25th Anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center. Dan Cunningham helps us celebrate with a desktop that takes us back in style and design to 1982. Dan also includes a much-requested widescreen version as well. Thanks again to Dan for all his efforts.

(Above links to 800x600)

(1024 x768)




Matt said...

Mike Newell's of the world, rejoice!

Lou Mongello - said...

AHhhh yes... I have found my desktop wallpaper for the next long while...

Bravo once again!!! (Standing ovation from the geeks of the world!!)

Mr Banks said...

What's especially sad is that those designs are as fresh, cohesive and interesting as ever. Good designs are timeless. And these are great designs.

Oh so sad how Epcot has slipped over the last ten years.

Anonymous said...

I just thought the other day that I hoped that an EPCOT desktop would pop up on your site.
And look, there it is!

Anonymous said...

Lou hit the nail on the head. Fantastic job!!

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

It feels dated... which is cool with me. Thanks Dan! :)

Unknown said...

Where's the wand? And the hand?

And all of the pretty stars!


(runs for cover)

(maniacal laughter)


RC said...

that desktop is pretty cool looking for sure.

thanks for sharing it, i didn't realize 25th anniversary for epcot was coming up. that's cool!

Anonymous said...

This is a classic, and far better than the one I had previously cooked up here:

Anonymous said...

Now that it actually is the 21st century, let's return to what Mr. Banks correctly calls fresh, cohesive, interesting and timeless great designs. Bring back the EPCOT Center name, the World Bold font and the globe logo.

Unknown said...

excellent! thanks for including a widescreen version!