Friday, December 29, 2006

. . . with Walt Disney's magic touch

So as to not neglect the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, here is some interesting material that especially features General Electric Progessland and its centerpiece attraction, the Carousel of Progress. These ads come from a Guide to the Fair that was a supplement to an issue of the then popular Look Magazine. (Click images for larger versions.)

Here are the descriptions the same Guide provided for the Fair’s Disney-designed attractions:
GENERAL ELECTRIC, B12. From lightning flash to nuclear fusion —man's search for energy. You revolve around a six-section circular stage and see Disney's Carousel of Progress. Audio-animatronic "people" tell story of electricity's contribution to your living. Time Tube carries you to Corridor of Mirrors and viewing terrace to see lightning storm, flames shooting from sun. Look for: First public demonstration of nuclear fusion in giant domed theater; continuous shows.

PEPSI-COLA, B32. You cruise the world in a water-jet boat. Pepsi salutes UNICEF in Disney's It's a Small World. Audio-animatronic figures in native costumes sing and prance. Look for: Special UNICEF pavilion and garden Tower of Four Winds.

ILLINOIS, S9. Enjoy Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. Disney's 10-minute presentation features audio-animatronic Lincoln figure that gestures, talks. Look for: Library of famous Lincoln manuscripts and portraits.

FORD, TI. From the caveman of yesterday to the city dweller oftomorrow. You ride in a Ford convertible through time on Disney's Magic Skyway. See and hear prehistoric animals move around, battle; cavemen create fire, invent wheel. Then, 30 feet above City of Tomorrow, on highway in the sky, you are surrounded by strange spacecraft, see glass buildings. Look for: Futuristic Ford cars—Allegro, Cougar II, Mustang II.